Our Mission

To grow a profitable, “world class”, recruitment firm that is known and recognized for our people, our processes, and our performance. 

Our Values

Integrity and Respect

  • We’re friendly and nice to everyone. All customers and candidates are treated fairly, with dignity and respect. We place all candidates based on qualifications and ability to do the job.
  • We respect our competition. We recognize there’s enough business around for everyone. Honesty and openness with our competition will keep our industry strong, safe and prevent bad applicants from undermining the quality of our service.
  • We are a locally owned company. We have a personal stake in Milwaukee’s success. We support the arts, charities, schools, social service agencies, the work force of Milwaukee and the business community. We spend our money where we earn it. We believe in giving back to a community, which has been so good to us.
  • Never lose sight of what it is like to sit in someone else’s shoes – treat others as you would want to be treated.

Ownership and Accountability

  • Our local decision making ability is an asset. Everyone is empowered to make decisions. Quick turnaround happens. Access to owner and President is immediate.
  • We believe in honesty and integrity as the foundation of our corporate culture. We have strong personal and professional ethics. We will be honest and forthright in our ability to service your needs. We accept full responsibility for our mistakes or failure to provide the service that our clients and candidates deserve.
  • Always do what you say you will do – once you commit, you must follow through on your word every time.
  • Make it happen – no excuses. You must push to find ways to deliver a yes to your customers – think outside the book, put the time in and make it happen!

WOW the Customer

  • We build relationships both personally and professionally; our visibility in the community allows us the opportunity to interact in a myriad of ways with clients and applicants alike. We see them on the street; they are our friends and business acquaintances.
  • Anticipate the customers’ needs and wants before they even know they have them and provide a communicated solution – consistently look for ways to bring value and solutions to our customers before they ask for them.
  • We strive to consistently exceed expectations of both our clients and candidates alike. You can count on the quality of our placements and service.
  • We are creative and believe in adding value. If you need something and we’re unable to deliver, we will refer you to someone who can.

Stay Educated and Involved in Community

  • We recognize that our employees are our greatest asset. We have a commitment to their personal development. We support them in their professional life and will not forget the need for balance between their work and home life.
  • We invest in the labor market – We recognize our role in the development of talent in the Milwaukee Community. We consistently offer tutorials for free to all of our job seekers to advance their skill sets to position them for better opportunities in the future
  • We are involved in the community. We are a member of ASA and consistently attend industry conferences to ensure we are on the cutting edge of new strategies and current on all compliance items to protect our clients’ businesses and advance their initiatives.
  • Volunteer to make a difference – We volunteer our time and make a difference in the community we live, work and play in daily

Take Pride

  • Take pride in every single task you do
  • Take pride in every communication to ensure professionalism, accuracy, clarity and transparency of message
  • Tackle every to-do with passion to ensure your name can proudly and confidently be stamped on it


  • Never settle! You must have passion for who we are, what we do and who we do it for to thrive
  • Channel that passion to challenge yourself to bring innovative ideas to the table
  • Never be satisfied! Continue to raise the bar higher and higher without allowing success to create complacency


  • We believe in investing in Corporate Wellness. We understand the importance of both physical and mental wellness for our employees to thrive. We believe in investing in both through gym memberships, on-site yoga, Friday spin classes during work hours and lunch and learns.

Team work

  • Hire right! We understand the importance of every hire. We work in an industry that is driven off individual performance metrics and compensation plans yet we only incentivize team outcomes to ensure our candidates are seeing all opportunities and our clients get the best candidates for their open positions.
  • One company, one team, one goal! We don’t leave work for one person. We pull together, we stay together and we ensure the job gets done together. If a large client request comes in or a late night emergency comes up, we all are accessible and help each other get a quick solution for all of our customers.
  • No task is not our job. We all own every job in the company and all are trained, empowered and intelligent to figure out how to do the work

The Hatch Staffing Story

Meet Susan Hatch, our owner and Founder. Susan started her staffing career at Manpower where she worked as an Area Manager visiting branch offices and auditing for process, procedures and consistency to brand. She loved the staffing industry, the mission of helping other people but felt the service delivery to clients and candidates was often lost in a large organization that couldn’t be nimble to change with each situation. In 1983, she and her husband were having dinner with family when they agreed Susan should start her own business. Susan felt fortunate to have had the luxury of learning strong processes from talented staffing professionals at Manpower. She was excited to carve out her own firm that would retain those strong systems and procedures but that would not have corporate layers to get through for decision making. Since she opened the doors in 1983, Susan has empowered her staff to make decisions to ensure customers get immediate solutions to problems are specific to their unique situation.

Over the years, Hatch evolved to become known as a strong boutique, professional placement firm with a Light Industrial, Administrative / Professional and Direct Hire division. We have designated recruitment powerhouses that speak to the recruitment demands of the tight labor market that exists.  We offer our clients opportunities to tap into talent through HatchGRAD, HatchTALENT, HatchFLEX, HatchDIRECT, HatchHR, HatchELITE and HatchPLUS.

Over the years, we have made several strategic decisions to continue to propel us forward, to be innovative and consistently change to meet the demands of today’s job market. We have provided staffing solutions across the United States with our Managed Services’ model and have recruited and worked directly in four different states throughout our 35 years.

Today, we are focused on doing what we do best: finding talent and jobs for those in Southeastern Wisconsin. We have done national staffing but know we do staffing best in our own state. We understand this market, we live in this market and we want to help grow this market. We want all of our customers and candidates to feel like are only one and we can best do this by staying focused on who we are, who we serve and what we do best.

Rewards and Recognition

2016, 2017 and 2018
Best Places to Work

Wisconsin Staffing Professional of the Year 2015, 2016 and 2018

CFO Of The Year 2014
  Milwaukee’s Best and Brightest Companies to Work For
  Winner 2019
Leukemia and Lymphoma Society
Light the Night
Most-Growth Corporate Team