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Hatch has two primary divisions in our organization: Light industrial and Administrative / Professional Placement. Under each of those divisions, we have recruitment teams that are sourcing talent through HatchFLEX, HatchDIRECT, HatchTALENT, HatchELITE, HatchGRAD, HatchPLUS.  Each of these recruitment powerhouses provide a different type of sourced talent to our teams and allow us to not just provide specialization for job seekers but to also provide expansive talent pools that often can be missed in traditional temporary staffing models that focus strictly on temporary and direct hire recruiting.


HatchFLEX would be very beneficial to any job seeker looking for freelance opportunities during interim periods of their school or career. These individuals are often in between jobs, looking for Hatch to be a bridge to full-time employment opportunities, transition back into school or to provide supplemental income to their families.  These individuals often have skills in the industrial, clerical and professional disciplines. If you are currently looking for freelance projects, temporary assignments or a bridge to full-time work, contact a Hatch Talent Scout today to learn more!On the flip side, we strive to help companies to manage morale by ensuring the workload on their existing team members and staff is balanced. We are here to take the jobs and projects off your desk and your team’s desk that often are least liked, or desired. We also do an excellent job of placing talent in organizations while they look to fill a vacant spot.  More and more employees today are looking for work life balance. It remains critical for hiring managers and business leaders to outsource certain job functions, projects and tasks to ensure they are able to retain their best employees. If you need talent today for a special project or to temporarily fill a vacant position, call us today to learn more about the talent we have available to assist you.


HatchDIRECT is our professional placement recruitment arm. This recruitment powerhouse uses non-traditional recruitment strategies to attract the passive job seeker. We do not rely on job boards to find top notch professional talent to join your organization and we find talent in all facets of their career. If you are looking to start a confidential search and don’t have time or energy to waste on unqualified job postings, our professional placement recruiters can assist you. If you are looking for a specific profile or have multiple professional openings with no time to recruit, we can take the time-consuming, tedious process of recruitment away from you. We know where and how to find good talent in southeastern Wisconsin and we are well networked. We are members of a multitude of professional organizations and consistently attend over 20 networking events a month. Referrals remains our number one source for talent which often means we are bringing employees to employers that they may not otherwise seen.


Is your staff currently overworked yet can’t imagine taking the time to bring in someone new and train them? Let HatchTALENT help you. We offer trained internal staff who already know you and your business to serve as an extension of your own team for short and long-term projects. Many of our clients have used this resource for 20-40 hours a week. These projects have included the following:

  • Large, high volume recruiting projects
  • Contract HR Generalist work
  • HR projects
  • Payroll services
  • Shared Executive Assistant services
  • Hiring and Training of new HR staff

If you have a pain in any one area, or are having trouble getting a project completed because you are limited on time, call our HatchTALENT team and see how we can help. No job is too big or too small.

Our clients have exclaimed: “I can’t tell you how appreciative I am to have Jane on our team – she fit in so well with everyone and really hit the ground running. It’s because of her that I’ve been able to enjoy my vacation”.

HatchTALENT provides solutions to any and all talent shortages. Contact Eric Becher at 414-312-7501 to discuss your next project.


HatchELITE is our internship division. We launched this internally in 2009 as an opportunity to build our future bench of talent. After successfully hiring, training and developing the minds of several young professionals, we offer this service expertise to our clients. We are able to help our clients start their internship programs, manage their programs or simply recruit talent for their existing programs. We have developed outstanding relationships with the schools and have over 90 HatchELITE graduates from our program to assist us in recruiting new talent. If you are looking for an internship, looking to start an internship program in your organization or simply looking to outsource finding talent for your company, this division is an outstanding resource to you.


HatchGRAD, our college and college graduate division helps students transition to the work place both during and after graduation. We provide students with flexible, 3-6 month staffing projects to build their work skills and do discovery on where and how they want to leverage their skills and talents in the marketplace. We have new graduates in this division that fill administrative / executive assistant temporary-to-hire positions and bring both education and experience to these roles. We also have a number of skilled industrial and labor graduates placed from this sector. If you are a recent graduate or are looking to hire a recent graduate from a two year or four year program, this division would be an asset to you.


HatchPLUS was started in 1998 as an opportunity to take advantage of the early retiree who sought a flexible work schedule but still wanted to retain a job for supplemental income. Today, HatchPLUS serves as a recruitment powerhouse that taps into individuals 55 of age and older who took early retirement from their primary careers and are looking for flexible or different experiences from that which they spent the majority of their careers. This group has proven to be outstanding for hospitality, customer service, mailroom, call center, valet and front desk positions. They bring maturity, reliability and a “customer is always right” mentality to the workplace.


Hatch Staffing’s On-Site Management Service serves as an extension of your HR Department to provide a large volume of people to your organization for seasonal or on-going demands.  Our proven On-site Management solution has assisted Fortune 100 companies in streamlining their contingent staffing function, eliminating staffing headaches and the daily time burden of managing temporary associates. This program offers our customers the following:

  • On-site recruitment for temporary and full-time employees
  • Strategic workforce and forecasting
  • Customized interview and selection criteria
  • Detailed workforce usage reporting
  • Standardization of benefits
  • Enhanced workforce training programs
  • Dedicated management team

To learn more about how Hatch Staffing’s On-Site Management Service, please contact Lori Malett at 414-312-7500.


Hatch Staffing Services’ offers a unique managed service solution to customers who are tired of working with multiple staffing agencies and dealing with the headaches of multiple contacts, invoices and varying processes. Our MSP solution allows you to experience the benefits of one point of contact without losing the personal touch and customization needed to make it successful.

Our MSP differentiator is that we understand staffing and we partner well with the smaller, local firms that are often missed in large MSP contracts. These firms are critical because they are entrenched in the local markets, they understand them and they recruit differently to attract labor.

Our MSP team will bring the following to your organization:

  • Streamlined processes
  • One point of contact for all staffing
  • One invoice
  • Limited liability for contingent labor
  • Engagement, qualified and accountable staffing partners
  • Ability to retain most existing, successful relationships
  • Ability to pay our partners quickly

If you are looking to keep your local Managers happy, ensure quality remains intact, but want to streamline your processes and costs for managing contingent labor, HatchMSP might be the ideal solution for you!

For more information, contact Lori Malett at 414-312-7500.

Hatch prides itself on the experience it has had in the Milwaukee market, the lessons it has learned and our continuous pursuit to do right by our customers. We are never satisfied with the status quo. We consistently are looking to our customers for feedback on how we can improve, we challenge our processes to ensure a better and better service offering and we consistently hold ourselves accountable to high standards. We understand the potential volume and spikes in workload. We offer our clients 24/7 access to our team. This is not a 24 hour answering machine but the cell phones of our staff to ensure you always get an immediate response to needs.  Our employees are able to visit us in our Fifth Ward location Monday – Friday from 6:45AM – 6:00PM. If they need an appointment outside of normal business hours, they simply call and we schedule one that meets their schedule.