Employer FAQs

How do I put a request in for a temporary associate?

You can contact Hatch Staffing via telephone to share what position you are looking to fill and the skills needed for the open position. We like to get an idea of how long you are looking for someone to ensure our associates can commit to the project for the length of time needed.

How long does it take to find a qualified person?

Our average fill-time for a temporary associate is 24-72 hours. We pride ourselves on recruiting a continuous pool of talent so when a need surfaces, we are ready to present qualified candidates to you within 24 hours of receipt of the need. We will then work with you to ensure a proper start date that works for both you and the associate.

What does payrolling a candidate mean?

If you have an internal referral or a candidate that you have recruited on your own but do not want to bring them on to your staff, we can bring them on to your department through Hatch as a payrolled associate. This allows you to hire someone quicker, or to assist with short-term project demands. Often, it also will provide team’s relief during hiring freezes.

How are temporary employees screened and on-boarded through Hatch?

All associates start the process with Hatch by completing a phone screen. If they meet our initial criteria, they are extended an invite to interview in-person at our office. Once we complete the interview, we exchange expectations and assess if both parties would like to work together. Should we decide to move forward in the process, appropriate skills testing is completed and an initial reference check is conducted. Background and drug tests are done according to your instruction and job specifications only. Once through the process, we make a decision to place the associate.

What if I am not satisfied with the person placed in my temporary position?

Hatch understands that there will be times when an employee just doesn’t work out, for whatever reason. If you are not satisfied with the associate or do not feel they are a match for your team, simply call your Hatch representative and they will find a replacement for you. In addition, if you notify us within the first four hours of the placement, we will end their assignment and will not charge you for their first day.

What kind of testing do you provide?

Hatch has over 150 different testing options available to complete on candidates for a variety of positions and skills. Administrative and office positions more commonly tested for data entry, MS Office and typing skills. We can customize additional testing to fit our clients’ requests.

What is our role in getting our temporary associate paid?

Each week, our temporary associates are required to complete a Hatch timecard. Associates must get this timecard signed by their direct supervisor. Timecards can be emailed or faxed (414-272-8268) to our offices by Monday at noon.

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