The Difference A Year Can Make


Time certainly does fly by in the blink of an eye. That’s no understatement for our New Business Developer, Chris and Account Manager, Emily who both recently celebrated their one year anniversary with us! When asked what they have learned in this one year’s time, this is what they had to share:

“Over my past year here at Hatch I’ve had several big takeaways of things that I have learned and I will continue to utilize throughout my professional career. A huge personal and professional takeaway that has became a part of how I conduct myself has been learning to take accountability for anything and everything. Doing so allows me to take a step back and look at how a situation could have gone differently depending on my actions, even though it might not have been entirely in my control. It really gives you a different perspective and allows you to think outside of the box more.” -Chris

During the past year, Chris has managed to navigate his growth and career path with Hatch starting in our Light Industrial division as a Talent Scout and finding an opportunity to develop his natural relationship building skills by moving into our Sales Department. He shared,

“I’ve always wanted to get into sales because it allows me to get out and interact with people face to face. Being able to talk to people in person and see their facial expressions and get to know them on a personal level gives me energy and allows me to be myself. Getting the chance to meet new people and explore all these different companies in the SE Wisconsin area has opened my eyes up to all the great things that WI does and learn more about how different industries work and what process go into running such different types of businesses, it’s really interesting.”

For Emily, this past year was no different and one she really found herself thriving in. Her focus was developing her understanding of the staffing industry and grow herself professionally which has allowed her to expand on her captivating way of working with our candidates and clients. She shared,

“I’ve learned so much about interacting with clients and candidates. Hatch really allows you to broaden your emphasis and apply your skill to all different workplaces.”

Starting as a Talent Scout, Emily found her passion by realizing the impact she makes in the daily lives of our candidates. It didn’t take long for Emily to discover the greater affect her passion could have by connecting both those pieces together. From there, Emily has moved into an Account Manager role where she now has the ability to understand how to help the needs of our candidates and our clients.

“Recruiting can be such a personal benefit when you get to make the right fit with the right person. I love being able to make that connection and change people’s lives for the better!” -Emily

Since starting their new roles in early January of this year, Chris and Emily have been two of our key contributors that has transformed our team in a direction we need to be better, faster and smarter.